Christmas on Fifth Avenue 2007

I’m going to New York for the holidays! Here’s an old postcard showing St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City– that’s where I’ll be for Midnight Mass. Can’t wait!


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  1. I had saved your blog to savor…after Kirk sent it — you are my family just don’t know it yet! Kirk and i have been friends for years… Mike/Rudy too… my partner has stopped by bought books from you (our drug of choice) we pay mortgage payments simply because we must have a HOUSE for our books… and Noelle (our dog) who turns out to be Buddha in drag… I love your use of language and your ability to be present (and eloquent about it) with life … your entry about the walk to the chapel…and God’s being HUGe yet intimate… flawless! Your jigtter bug phone… I 2nd the notion … HOPE we can connect and cultivate lots of yummy conversations over delicious food…that’s the plan! Please do include me in your blog emtries… as I want the saga to continue. Your mind is a vacation for hte likes of me (hey that was supposed to be compliment) really! How about casablanca experience with Audrey Hepburn … Monica can be Bogart no worries! Anyway…I say if physical activity (and sweat) is required the answer is “no!” emphatic “no” roughing it can continue to be no room service… ovey! Big hug…thanks for sharing…love you Kirk … count me in … Margaret M & M girls (not not the candy although we are sweet … its our intitials)

  2. Hello.
    I liked the postcard of St patricks in NYC.
    I was there too.
    I especially liked it because it was from along time ago. I can tell by thebuildings were very low, as compared to the ones today. Long ago, one could not build higher that four floors. It looks like from about 1900. very interesting….if you like history.


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