St. Patrick’s for Christmas 2007


Christmas is over! I can’t believe it. This year we were in NY from Sunday through Wednesday, and it was a whirlwind. We brought wads of cash with us… and spent it on cabs and car service– nobody wanted to take the subway, even though I hear it’s very safe since Giuliani had taken over and made the City a worker’s paradise.

We were on line by 10:00 PM, and it was pretty cold. I had to use the restroom at one point and walked all the way up to the Hilton, where a nice lobby man checked my photo ID and let me use their facilities. (I stopped at Rockefeller Center on the way there so I could take pictures of the tree. There were THOUSANDS of tourists standing on the corner taking pictures of that tree, and I think I must be in lots of their pictures because it seems that I crossed in front of lots of people aiming their cell phones.)

We had to pass through security because Bloomberg and Koch were in attendance, and we sat on the far left, but the view was good. It was packed! There were a lot of society people sitting front and center who didn’t have the good manners to sit and listen to the choir as it sang; instead, they clogged the middle aisle and gossiped and air kissed for an hour. Rude!

There were televisions mounted here and there for the benefitr of people who were stuck behind columns. The trick was to STAY IN POSITION at the left of one’s pew when late arrivals came and wanted to sit; better to let them clamber over you than have them usurp the better view. (How charitable of me during the holy days!) Cardinal Egan talked a LONG time during his Homily, but Communion took a surprisingly short time– there was an army of priests in attendance, as the Mass was apparently concelebrated.


By 1:30 we were out in the streets again, headed home. George and Annie and Caitlin dropped us off in Brooklyn– Annie is Susan’s sister-in-law, and Susan is the one who got the tickets. We’ll do it again next year!


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