The tree: silver aluminum from the 1950’s, complete with the attendant wheezing, clanking color wheel.

The ornaments: from family and friends, including a tiny tree that Carol painted in the 1980s, and hand-sewn figures from David Kenny’s mother. Atop the tree– David’s Star!

The menorah: from Menorahs.com; Kirk has some Jewish blood from the 1700’s. Who knew? He was a fur trapper in the Old Northwest. Probably sold a fur stole to Mrs. Rogers– wholesale!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all our friends and family!

PS … for a warm Hanukkah chuckle, click on my friend  Judy Lobo’s link right here:



4 responses

  1. I put up our Aluminum Christmas tree, complete with color wheel in the front window of our house. Norwegians seem to not find favor with those types of trees. Even though our TV reception was allot better. The tree was my grandparents when they lived in Key West in the 50s also.

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