Slow Down and Taste the Roses

You Are Here

You all are by now very aware of Green, and Sustainability, and Ecology, and Global Warming, and Earth Day, etc. etc. etc. I think it’s great that so many of us are aware of the necessity of preserving the planet, especially in light of an exploding population that’s having to depend on dwindling resources.

I’ve been told “there’s PLENTY of room and PLENTY of food for all of us, and even more. Just look at a map of the world!”  I do, and I see little black dots representing the fact that most of us are crammed into Western Europe, China, India, and the North America Eastern Seaboard. The huge, wide open spaces are the Sahara, the Gobi, Siberia, Antarctica, northern Canada, Greenland… you get what I mean. Not a lot of Starbucks in those places.

Sometimes governments are lax or disinterested in fomenting any sort of awareness for the ills that loom, so I always appreciate it when people on the local level make an effort toward saving us all.

The Winter 2010 issue of  GOOD Magazine features articles on the benefits of slowing down– growth, for example– and basically turning to the Earth and using and then nourishing it for its benefit as well as ours.

Read about a stone cathedral made from found objects at Eco-Cathedral

And here’s a guy who is making a toaster from the ground up– including smelting his own ore in a microwave:  The Toaster Project

And, finally, a link to a movement that originated in Italy (how appropriate): Cittaslow. It features cities around the world that are committed to slowing down the pace of living, turning to the land, and basically striving toward a better quality of life.

GOOD also features a Century camera that you can cut out and assemble; it’s a pinhole camera that they ask us to place in a quiet place for 100 years; in that time it will have recorded– slowly– a snapshot of what it had been focused on all that time.

All these little things show that people are thinking, and trying. It’s one thing to be a slacktivist and sign on to causes that we agree with, but actually getting up off the couch and DOING something is the harder step. I hope I’m up to it.


4 responses

  1. Seems like most of the discoveries you mention are a direct result of turning off television and tuning into earth. What a great way to live life.

  2. I’m confused. What does slowing down have to do with tasting roses? Why would I want to taste Roses? Unless you’re talking about Four Roses, which I believe is a whiskey.

    By the way, I STILL love TV!

  3. Thanks J!
    Was it Simon or Garfunkel who said…

    “Slow down you move to fast,”
    “Gotta make the morning last,”
    “Just tripping down the cobblestones”
    “Lookin’ for love(fun?) and feelin….”
    (dare I date my self….)

    I think I will stop and smell the coffee-then drink- maybe with some of the aforementioned style additions. (Four Roses!)
    Good insights- dan

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