Brooklyn and Beyond– A Few Travel Photos

Before I get to blogging about my drive to Brooklyn, I thought I’d post a few pictures of what I saw coming and going and during. Architecture strikes me, and I’ll cross busy streets and stand in front of buses in order to take a picture of something that strikes me (besides the bus). Here’s a random sampling of what I saw. Enjoy !

A Methodist Church in Dillon, South Carolina

A sturdy home in Philadelphia's Germantown

One of Philadelphia's art museums


Coney Island's Cyclone

A home in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

St. Finbar's Catholic Church in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

Brick underpinnings of the Baltimore basilica

The Washington, DC Basilica

The National Cathedral (Episcopal) in DC

I looked out my car window, and there it was.

Bay Ridge's Newest Residents

Bay Ridge's last vestige of its Norwegian past

An apartment building in Manhattan

Bay Ridge brownstones

An ancient cemetery in Gravesend, Brooklyn

The family homestead in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Ab abandoned village on Virginia's Eastern Shore

Beautiful Fredericksburg, Virginia

The boat graveyard in Rossville, Staten Island, NY

A Tiffany window in the Fredericksburg Episcopal Church


4 responses

  1. Wow, what great pictures! did you take them all with that crappy $15.00 camera? Love the homestead photo. But Vel should be on the porch!

    It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO great seeing you for more than 20 minutes. Come back again and stay for a long time.

    • LOL !! That, and the crappy $250 camera that I keep dropping. It was great seeing you too! I told Mom “now that I’ve seen you for 21 days straight, that beats how many times GINA will see you this year!”

  2. Beautiful photos, Jimmy. So many of them look like magazine shots. (Hope you were able to relax in the middle of all that driving and picture taking.) Two of my faves are the National Cathedral and the art museum in Philadelphia. Also, the underpinnings of the Baltimore basilica creep me out, but I love being creeped out. Is that apartment house in Manhattan the Osborne, by any chance, on West 57th Street?

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