Harry Potter at Universal Studios

Well, I finally did it– at the behest of my thirteen-year-old “godson.” (I would officially be his godfather if he were looking forward to his Confirmation and I was having heart attacks in tomato patches.) I have to say that it’s amazing. The ride is incredible! Literally gripping, especially when you find yourself being battered about within a sky-high game of Quidditch… !

Hogwarts and Diagon Alley are rendered beautifully and you’d swear you were in Merrie Olde England if it weren’t for the hordes of tourists speaking a thousand tongues.


Lots and lots of owls !

Butterbeer, a frothy, foamy, really delicious butterscoth-based non-alcoholic drink. They should come up with a hot version of this!


It’s amazing… I was totally unprepared for the ride, which I look forward to experiencing again. It’s so incredibly exhilarating!

We went to Disaster, the original “Earthquake” ride that I remember taking my grandmother on years ago. Now it’s been turned into an audience-participation experience, with a number of us chosen to be filmed scenes of anxiety and terror, which then appear in a short promo film for… Disaster! I was “the tall adult,” chosen against my protests to play a man being swept along by a deluge through a city street. I had to be filmed opening my mouth in horror and flailing my arms while immersed in a crate filled with green rubber falls which, of course, didn’t read on film. (That’s what we say in Hollywood for objects that don’t appear onscreen.) I was recognized some time later by an audience member while we were waiting to get into Men In Black: “Hey! You’re Drowning Guy!”

I love the city set: it reminds me so much of Old Brooklyn, parts of which still survive as New Brooklyn, except that the rents are a hundred times higher.


Here's Jeffrey posing as a waif-like, lost, disaffected youth for a role in an upcoming Lifetime-For-Kids Special: Johnny-- The Story of A Teenage Mathematician


Kirk’s first cousin once removed, Matthew, is a very effective Captain on the Jaws ride. As dramatic as he was, we still all laughed and laughed at the shark.
Ya gotta love Lucy! (Though my friend Carol doesn’t)

I survived seven hours… not bad! I was able to keep up with Jeffrey, and thankfully we’re not thrilled about riding coasters or things that shoot you UP into the ionosphere. And we had French fries and vanilla shakes for lunch… life is good !


5 responses

  1. Great post! I laughed, I cried, I napped.

    OK, I didn’t really nap. This was so exciting to read. I really would love to see the Harry Potter area at Universal. Loved your comments about the City set and the rents. You are too clever. Can’t believe you got to be “tall adult.” (You’re not that tall!)

    And yes, I don’t like Lucy.

  2. If I sit up front on the JAWS ride, can I make fun of Matthew and make him laugh even though he is trying to be all serious and what not?

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