Weiner Obsessed

Penis Hat courtesy of Dealnay.com

Does anybody get it?

Our latest sexually-charged political scandal (if, one one hand, it can be referred to as so) features an elected politician sexting and texting and apparently flashing his more private parts over the ether, causing no end of consternation to the delicate sensibilities of the tender, vulnerable, easily-offended, soft-boiled denizens of the United States of America.

He’s been reviled from both sides of the aisle. (For my overseas reader, that’s a physical, yet also symbolic alley which separates Democrats from Republicans in both the Senate and the House; it is usually littered with candy wrappers, used diapers, and broken toys.

What gets me is that the ones doing the reviling come across as so blameless. Do they really lead such perfect lives? They would be loath to have anyone sifting through their computer files– that would be un-American, Socialist, Communist, and fascist– but yet they’re obsessed with Anthony Weiner’s hard drive. The self-professed “religious” elected are always the worst, their smarmy, vacant smiles always seeming to mask a life of muck.

Do you all realize what this leads to? It happened throughout history, and it’s going to happen again. Our younger generation doesn’t give a fig about Anthony Weiner and his hobby, mainly because these young kids realize that most adults live lives of double standards. These young adults are seeing that their private lives are in danger of being subject to 100% regulation, and that any action can be exposed and made to ruin one’s life simply at the whim of the media or the ignorant sheeple. They see that people are out of work in this country, that tens of thousands of people were ruined in the banking scandals, that we are spending in wars billions of dollars that should be going into education, and that the country has drifted off into a realm where stupidity and ignorance rule… yet their elected leaders seem solely concerned about penises. (And don’t even get me started about gay issues– how can such a minimal number of citizens cause so many millions of red-blooded, heterosexual men to stampede from fear?)

I think these younger people are on the verge of revolution. I certainly hope so. Don’t think that it’s not going to happen, because it’s happened plenty of times before… who are we to declare that our current society is the ne plus ultra of civilization? I would be ashamed to admit that.


One response

  1. Problem is people’s private lives are no longer private. Who knows what our Presidents, congressmen and Representatives did in the 50″s and earlier. We all know now that President Kennedy had many dalliances. Now with twitter, Facebook and the internet, nothing is private. Perhaps Mr. Weiner’s real crime wasn’t that he wasn’t smart enough to keep it in his pants, but that he wasn’t smart enough to keep it off twitter.

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