A Little Fun with Sharon Marie

Sharon Marie

Sharon Marie Esparza is a favorite unheralded girl-group wonder from 1960s California. Run Around Lover is one of my favorite “girl-group” songs, though recorded by a single lass with a refreshingly basso voice– so unlike the many high-pitched stars of 1963 radio: Lesley Gore, Marcie Blane, etc. She was a Beach Boys protege, and I’ve read that she dated one of them– Mike Love?  [That may not be true, according to a message posted to this blog.] In any event, this is a good example of Brian Wilson recording in the “Phil Spector style,” heightened with fabulous surf drums. Sharon Marie recorded eight songs; this is the best. The background vocals are provided by The Blossoms, the lead singer of whom is my favorite– Darlene Love. You can clearly her smoky warbling throughout the song, as the Blossoms do a great call-and-response to Sharon Marie’s confident, thunderous lead: 


Sharon Marie has BIG HAIR !! The pictures are from her Facebook page. I copied them today, and if she sees this and yells at me, I will certainly understand if I have to remove them… but I did want to share them with you!

And here’s a Brian Wilson compilation disc that features Sharon Marie in the center…