Orchids 2


This is a Cymbidium orchid, which I also received from The Woman Who Does Not Keep Tags, so I cannot tell you which variety it is. It set two bloom spikes recently and they are still going strong, and apparently two more spikes are on the way. It likes the cold weather, apparently having roots in the Himalayas, and we’ve certainly been having some cool days and nights lately. It’s certainly thriving!


3 responses

  1. Beautiful orchids, Jimmy. They actually remind me of you. I think yellow is definitely one of “your colors.” Are they in front of the Mary statue? Does she mind it much when you have to fertilize?

  2. LOL ! They’re in their own pot; Mary is centered in front of a pot of blood-red lilies which were Kirk’s mother’s when she was in the hospital for the last time. Mary encourages me to fertilize!

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